In our day care, every day is filled with many events!
Our Approach
Our preschool program prepares children socially and academically, as well as, supports and encourages the development of independence, responsibility, and confidence, all of which are essential for the child's ongoing success in kindergarten.

Our curriculum is designed to actively engage each child in developmentally age-appropriate activities exploring the content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, and the arts.

Moreover, we prepared a curriculum that is supportive of each child's own learning style. The way we teach our kids can be adjusted to their different personalities, temperaments, interests, and maturity levels.

This is the advantage of a small group- flexibility!
Our Daily Journey
Bilingual preschool program (Russian /English)

Guided group activities (circle time, ABC, numbers, colors, shapes, prewriting activities, literacy, calendar, weather, personal care, early math, music, and movement program, baking, puppet shows, gardening, Gymnastics, early Russian/English languages activities, Science, Art program)

Free supervised play (sensory play, outdoor/indoor play)

Educational tabletop games/activities
Additional Classes
Theater classes (Conducted in conjunction with
Чунга-Чанга Children's Musical Theater)
Dance classes (Conducted in conjunction with
Fantasy Dance School)