Our Program
This is the sequence we help children develop academically

Body parts
Drawing conclusions
Self- awareness
Basic counting
Letter and number recognition
Cutting and gluing
Letter sounds progress to blending and reading
Basic understanding of what numbers represent
Count and writing as far as understanding allows
Basic addition and subtraction
Calendar, days of the week, and months of the year
Learn the name, address, and phone number
Write and read alphabet/name/ simple words legibly
In the beginning, for toddlers separating from Mom and Dad and coming to school is the main focus. At this stage, we are working on building trust between your child and teacher, so the child can begin focusing on the outside world.

For children from 24 months to 36 months, we provide stimulating experiences where they can learn through their own inquisitiveness. The emphasis during the toddler years is on building self-confidence and fostering the natural curiosity that toddlers possess.

Throughout the day our toddlers enjoy the large variety of play materials that are readily made available to them, as well as creative centers where children can dress up, build with blocks, and experiment in the sensory table. Art, Music, Language, and Science activities geared to little hands are also introduced