Our Focus

We are offering our home care atmosphere where kids could feel safe, learn at an individual pace and create strong friendships.

We pay special attention to the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs of every child. Our program is carefully designed to include all aspects of learning, including a stimulating environment, fun activities, and interactive exercises. We closely monitor the progress of each kid. This is facilitated by a low teacher/child ratio.

Our disciplined approach focuses on positive reinforcement, gentle leadership, redirection, and incentives to effectively resolve conflicts through children's self-help.

Our Mission
Our mission begins with encouraging a little person, who, perhaps, until now only knew the comfort and love of his family, to communicate in a children's team. This is the perpouce of all our work: to educate a person who will eventually achieve a lot, will not be embarrassed, will not be confused, and will find the necessary resources for self-realization.
Our Tasks

Our main task is competently to guide the kid in his cognitive process, offering interesting and useful information.

The education of children in “Happy Together Play School” is the optimal balance of play and educational activities, without overworking the kids and encouraging their cognitive activity.